Who we are?

Our early beginning was in 2010 through the establishment of Zain Travel and Tourism, which was based
in Muscat – Sultanate of Oman and continued our activities until 2016 by providing travel and hotels
booking in addition to the tourism programs and packages.

During this period we gained the necessary experience and skills through dealing with various segments
who are interested in the travel and tourism, either individually or Agents who are working in the same
domain internally and externally

What is our vision and what are we aiming to?

Due to the development in the field of travel & tourism, and the appearance of many travel and tourism
offices in the local market we had to start developing our activities and add a new one that supports
these offices and newly established agencies in promoting and marketing of their services through the
digital marketing and social networking platforms.

Our management and marketing team:

We have a trained, highly efficient and advance skilled team – under the responsibility of wise and
professional leadership and management – who have excellent experience with the necessary details of
the marketing process for tourism programs and services in order to promote these services and activate
the websites by helping in leading the global search engines, which brings you an excellent start in the
world of tourism and travel and leads to increase the income and revenue.

Our services and offers:

With us – ToursMarket – you can find the most advanced solutions for marketing your travel & tourism
services and products.

We have skills and experience in knowing all secrets of success in the world of online tourism marketing
and the ability to create solutions and plans and the effective digital and online advertisement of your
websites, programs and services as soon as possible, by providing you several offers, including our free
trial package to test the level of our marketing services that we are providing you.